Do you smell that?

I received a surprise bouquet of flowers a few days ago from some of the sweetest friends I know. The occasion? None. They were just loving me well. I put the flowers in my room.

The sweet, strong fragrance of the calla lilies was a aromatic delight to my nose every time I walked into the room. But after being in the room for only five minutes or so, I grew accustomed to the scent and forgot how wonderful it was. This is the reason the “smell-good” industry has made those new air fresheners that spritz every time motion is detected- to remind you that it smells good in here!

I was spending some alone time with Jesus the other day on my bed (not usually a good idea, but it was later in the afternoon and my pillows had lost their appeal for the time being). As I worshipped Him and journaled, I looked up and noticed the flowers on my dresser. And He started to speak to me about their fragrance.

I love having fresh flowers in my house. They alter the atmosphere. But if I don’t leave the room, or leave the house, my nose eventually forgets how sweet the air is, unless of course I put my nose right into the flower and breathe in! Then I remember the sweetness of what I have been breathing the whole time. He showed me in that moment, that my heart had grown accustomed to His Presence with me. I enjoyed having Him near, but had forgotten how wonderful that first fragrance of the knowledge of Him was. It’s a fragrance that alters my atmosphere, but I have to continue to press in. I have to draw closer.

So I think I’m going to go buy one of those motion spritzers! Not because my house smells bad (although I do live with 2 boys), but so that every time the air freshener awakens my nose to the fragrance it is releasing, I will remember to press in. When I move and cause it to release a greater scent, I will remember that as He moves, He releases a greater fragrance of the knowledge of Himself. But I have to draw closer and breathe in.

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One Response to Do you smell that?

  1. Micah says:

    Amy, you need to write a book where all you do is give examples of how God has shown himself or his character to you in every day things!

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