“I saw this great multitude of people- running, running, running, running, running for their lives;
being pursued by a vast army- running, running, running, running, running for their lives.
And I saw the Lord open the heavens and pass out all of these staffs.
He placed the staffs in the hands of the people that were running, for they were coming to the waters.
And as in the day of Moses, I heard the Father say, “Let My people go.”
And each of you held up a staff and the waters began to part, the waters began to rise,
and you began to walk through and through to the other side,
running through and through to the other side.
All those things that have pursued you, that have not been of me,
I am wiping them clean, I am washing them away,
and you shall not be plagued by these things anymore.
You are going on. You are going on.
The way has been made. You shall walk through on dry land.
You are going on. You are pressing on.
You shall see the promised land.
Every promise I have made to you, you shall see the fruit.
It’s a new day. It’s a new land.
It’s a new day. It’s a new stand.
You can stand.
So stand.
Behold the old is gone. The new has come.”

This is a song by Alberto and Kimberly Rivera, and every time I hear it I remember this season we shared with the staff of Mosaic. It was about 6 months or so after we made Seattle home. God had brought us to this beautiful city to walk with a team of giants! Jady and Elizabeth Griffin, Brian and Kristin Eastland, and Erika Kraus are truly giants- warring with giant expectation, giant persistence, and giant faith.

The season I speak of felt particularly dry in the sense that these mighty men and women had believed, and fought, and stood for years on behalf of this city and these people, and there was a weariness and a desperation for the fulfillment of God’s promises to come. But it was a sweet time. A time of great intimacy. We would listen to this song over and over, often crying, believing every word was true. And our Daddy would meet us in powerful ways. These 5 friends, with Andrew and Carrie Bach, taught me much about living by faith and trusting God to be himself, because they saw what Mosaic would become, what Seattle would become, before there was ever a hint of evidence. They had received a promise and saw it through God’s eyes far before their natural eyes could see anything, and often despite seeing what appeared to be the opposite take hold. And with this, they carried us. They carried this city.

So when this song came on as we were driving on Saturday, God reminded me of that season and I was amazed by His faithfulness as I reflected on that time from where we are today as a people. I looked around on Sunday and saw over 130 people worshipping our Dad with passion and with fire, being led by a band that has taken us to new depths of His Presence. And I saw 7 people in the back worshipping Him creatively through the art of painting. And there was a creative video that other artists in our church had created to go with the sermon. There was salvation. There was encounter. There was unity.

And as I took it all in, I remembered these 5: Jady and Liz, Brian and Kristin, and Erika. They pressed on. They held up their staffs, believing God would part the waters and take us into the promise. And their faith ignited something in us, and others began to hold up the staffs God had given them too. As they led the way, a great multitude of people followed them through to the other side.

It’s an honor to walk with such giants. I will never forget the loneliness, the risk, the sacrifice, the tears, the pain that these warriors endured with joy and with patience, that brought us to a new day. A new land.

The fruit of their labor is sweet, and there are even greater seasons of fruitfulness before us. The best is yet to come.

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