Will You be my Valentine?

I was caught by surprise while driving to the zoo Saturday morning by this tree in the front of some Seattleite’s yard. It was completely covered in red, white, and pink hanging lights and hearts for Valentine’s Day. It must have taken hours to decorate. Then I started noticing similar, yet never as extensive, valentine’s decorations in yards and front windows of sporadic houses. Who decorates their house for Valentine’s Day? I have never heard of this! The inside maybe, but the outside like Christmas? It’s sweet, sure. I just didn’t know people did that.

Then God spoke to me. People long for love. Americans spend billions of dollars every year for this one day, February 14th, while others boycott the holiday for various reasons. But I was running errands on Monday and I know one thing: people were different this day- friendlier, more hopeful. You could see it on their faces as they bought gifts for loved ones, as if giving to show their love, and the anticipation of receiving to know someone’s reciprocal love, was somehow satisfying a deep part of their souls.
Then God reminded me:
He has put eternity in man’s heart (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Man’s heart longs for eternity because this is where we will find ourselves finally and forever loved perfectly by the creator of love itself. Because He inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy (Isaiah 57:15). Oh, but it’s so much better! He says, I dwell in the high and holy place, and also with him who is of a contrite and lowly spirit, to revive the spirit of the lowly, and to revive the heart of the contrite. He who inhabits eternity, whose love is perfect, is also with me now. My eternity doesn’t start when I die. It starts now! Contrite means showing sorrow for sin. So when I repent, He is with me, and I can know and be loved by the creator of love today. My heart can be revived! That deep part of my soul that longs to be satisfied is satisfied.
If only I lived each day knowing and believing this.
If only those people I saw, on whose faces was hope and longing, knew this. If only they knew that there is a perfect, everlasting love that will truly satisfy the deepest longing of their souls. If only they knew the way they felt on Monday could be multiplied a thousand times and still not be the breadth of love that God longs to lavish on them. Why don’t I tell them?…
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